In vectralis, we ensure the highest quality standards and constant improvement of our processes. Therefore we are an ISO 9001-2015 certified team since 2019 in the design, manufacturing, sales, and after sales service of test equipment, as well as automation of manufacturing processes inside and outside the national territory.  


Feel free to read more on this by clicking on the following link: English Certificate of Registration or Certificado de Registro Español


Process control

Focus on continuous improvement

Monitoring of objectives

Standardization of processes


IMMEX is a certification that allows us to temporarily import equipment for use in industrial processes or services intended for the production, transformation or repair of goods that come from abroad for export without the corresponding charges.  


Promotion of international investments

Manufacturing provided by foreign companies

PITEX: Mexican companies with foreign investment that supply products

Substantive and minor reforms in lightweight instruments

Imposed, but without alpha differences. (ISR and VAT)