We offer the best solutions for our clients' technological challenges.

We are looking to innovate with efficient solutions to overcome the continuous challenges we face, in order to satisfy our customers’ needs, through intelligence, team work and one of the most advanced technologies in the world.

Human talent is fundamental to develop our technological products for electrical and automation testing.

Our factories, add up to almost 2,000 m2 between manufacturing, laboratories and offices.

We have a Brain Power Network of more than 140 minds working together with an international team of collaborators.

We are also part of a network of local and international member alliances, always with the full support of the Baumann group around the world.

We offer the best solutions for our clients’ technological challenges.

testing the future now

+ powered by vectralis

time is valuable!

We present solutions that meet our customers’ OEE, eliminating downtime and optimizing production process.

We use standardized systems, which allow high efficiency in reducing development and construction time of all our products and solutions.

vectralis + baumann, we innovate offering high performance products for our customers’ production lines.

3focus system solutions

3 systems that make us stronger

We offer our customers a wide range of solutions key in hands and complete sets for their needs, from test systems to process automation, always supported by our service team from the beginning of the project to its end.

We focus specialized minds on analyzing the information, considering all project variables and meeting all the requirements to ensure an optimal implementation in less time.

Our 3fs guarantees specialized customer support, where our power support & service team will offer an adequate follow-up to all services, with a quick response to any situation.