It is an In-Line Rack Test system, which allows you to accelerate the development and execution of functional tests with the option of adding HW extensions, such as Hi-runner SMH programmers, reducing the flash time by programming several channels.

This base has fixture single press concepts and standard cassettes, which accelerate the implementation of different variants with similar characteristics. it can integrate functions such as communication, signal measurement, LED analyzer, vision tests, and others with production implementation in a very short time.

Main features:

  • 1890(h) x 800(w) x 1050(d) mm, 600kg (w)
  • Dimension of 400 x 292 mm available for PCBs or panels.
  • In-line loading and unloading.
  • Number of Test Probes capacity: 620 probes (2.2N)
  • Press Force: 1870N/190kgf at 0.6MPa
  • Cassette compatibility with Off-line Vectralis Speed|box Tester*
*Must be developed with this function.

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