A pre-engineered, high-tech part, of simple conception and minimum maintenance: a single press system, focused on functional testing with the option to add HW extension, such as on-board programming and lighting test analysis.

It is a modular base with fixture concepts and standard cassettes, which accelerates the implementation of different variants with similar characteristics, with production implementation in a very short time and lower cost.

Main features:

  • 1325(h) x 660(w) x 1050(d) mm, and 1625(h) mm including Monitor.
  • Dimension of 320 x 380 mm available for PCBs or panels.
  • Manual or automatic loading and unloading configuration.
  • Number of Test Probes capacity: 620 probes (2.2N)
  • Press Forces: 1970N/190kgf at 0.6MPa


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