Expo vectralis 2021

In 2021, from October 20 to 22nd, the first VECTRALIS EXPO took place, presenting our technology in several projects and publicizing our new image.

After an important union we formed with the German company Baumann Automation, which led to the company’s great growth, it was time to renew our logo to convey our focus on innovation, new goals, and the commitment we have to our customers in offering solutions for companies in the field of ICT, FT and Automation.

In addition to the image change, we communicate that we are positioned and active on our renewed WEB page and present on the mainstream social platforms.

We are privileged to have commercial alliances of extreme importance in this process present in the Expo, such as:
Teradyne was represented by Sales Director Bobby Griffis, which gave us a great differential as we are the only supplier of Fixtures and test programs with our very own design, offering innovative solutions for the worldwide electronics market.
Baumann Automation, as our main ally was present through our international partner and Project Manager Riaan Erasmus, Baumann is a leading company in develops and produces turnkey automation systems for customers from various international industries including automotive supplies, electronics, and domestic appliances.

Another important point of our Expo Vectralis 2021 was to show our capacity with several projects currently being developed, which enabled customers to enjoy the implementation of many Vectralis technologies, such as Ingun, our main supplier of base accessories for functional test fixtures, that has helped our positioning in the market. 

We also held the inauguration of our new Showroom where we exhibited the most important and innovative products we currently have: V|BOX, SPEED|BOX, and TOWER|BOX.

Expo Vectralis was a success with the presence of our guests, who were impressed with Vectralis’ capacity and technology. The main objective of this event is to continue to inform and take the company’s name even further, which is why it will be repeated every year to present our innovations, new products, and new technologies developed to face our customers’ challenges with confidence and solidity.

See you at EXPO Vectralis 2022!

Vectralis team