who we are

We provide world-class customized systems, services and support in testing and automation for leading electronics manufacturing companies.

Our experience comes from more than 15 years in testing and automation, manufacturing products for the electronics industry in the fields of aeronautical, telecommunications, automotive, medical and consumer products.

We work to maintain customer satisfaction with innovation, teamwork, loyalty and safety, taking care of our environment.


Management and everyone at Vectralis is committed to work with a quality management system to offer with excellence, our services and products with the aim of satisfying and exceeding the requirements of our customers and stakeholders, with highly motivated and trained staff through implementation of innovation and improvement continues.


At Vectralis we offer engineering solutions that ensure the reliability of industry products, simply and safely, optimizing operational processes.


Become the industry’s best choice in America for test equipment and automation solutions by 2025.


Customer satisfaction

Fulfilling the expectations of our clients is our focus, in time, cost and quality. We respect this value towards our external clients, as well as internal ones.

Quality Innovation

Find innovative solutions that guarantee to satisfy the expectations of our customers by improving the quality of our products and services.


Together we manage to guarantee better solutions to our clients, working together we find our most innovative ways to achieve objectives.


We are loyal to our external and internal clients, we respect their rules and policies, as well as we conduct ourselves ethically in all the work we do.


Safety is a fundamental value, since we guarantee that all our employees follow the security policies guaranteeing their safety in the performance of their activities, in the same way we guarantee the safety of the equipment that we develop and deliver to our clients.


We are a socially responsible company, that does not pollute, and that makes good use of the materials it uses. Guaranteeing thereby protecting our environment.

power partners +v

We have expanded our global brand to connect with other companies that are also building the future now.

Pioneers in automation solutions for 3 decades, German technology is on our side to meet the challenges and priorities of our clients.

Extended range of solutions for ICT in & off Line, Show Room Mexico, high parallel testing capacity, library programming, accesses for THS 5120 TP, TSLH 6400 TP and TSLX2 15360 TP, PCBA size up to 20 ”x20”.

QualityLine’s AI manufacturing analytics and automated data integration system creates end-to-end control, improving quality and efficiency by 30% within the first six months of use.